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What does SUHAD do?Scaling up Humanitarian Assistance and Development

This is the SUHAD team. We are a non-government and nonprofit civil society organization based in Somalia.

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The current target communities of the Organization are located at all parts of: Bnaadir, South Central Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland state of Somalia

Scaling Up Humanitarian Assistance and Development

We are an independent registered non-government and nonprofit civil society organization based at Somalia. SUHAD prime motto is capacity building and services delivery to the deprived and marginalized people of the society.


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Join the community to give education for children

During the process of social mobilization, SUHAD adopted a participatory, self-help, self-sustainable approach through com m unity involvement and formation of volunteer groups in remote rural areas of Somalia.

Sustainable rural development is a dynamic process posing various needs at different phases of time. These can be dealt w ith continuous interventions based on designed frameworks that incorporate the requirements projected by the com m unities and with the help of the com m unities by strategizing for public-private partnership.

Scope of Work
SUHAD has strong linkages w ith major NGOs and funding agencies working in Somalia. It has undertaken initiatives in south central zones through collaboration w ith local CBOs and activists. SUHAD enjoys a rich experience of working in the diverse socio-cultural envi­ ronm ent of Somalia and an extensive networking with the Districts & Federal Government, civil society institutions, media and political parties.

Improving the living standard of the vulnerable communities of Somalia

Organization Vision, Goal & Mission

SUHAD while implementing its programme/projects as a first step undertakes com m unity mobilization so that to raise awareness in com m unity on health and hygiene, the importance of education in modern-day affairs, gender-related issues, socio-economic development and environmental protection.


SUHAD envisions a society where all community, children and women enjoy secure, healthy, enlightened lives and responsive environment that promote their social, econom­ ic, cultural and moral development.


SUHAD endeavors to unleash the potential of disadvantaged working with elders, women and their children to succeed in life through providing education, specialized creche, health care, nutrition, water &sanitation, education, CVE, peace-building, governance, livelihood skills and com m unity development services. Child and gender development are fundamental to our work.


The goal of SUHAD is to contribute in improving the living standard of the vulnerable com m unities of Somalia through com m unity mobilization, capacity building, advocacy & strengthening of institutions at the grass root level.