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Isaq Ali Subuq
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In terms of management and coordination at the government level, I have shown a very high level
by playing an essential role in managing several SWS Ministries; in addition, based on
my profound extensive range of politics and technical skills with a suitably challenging role,
I am keen to move forward and achieve further professional development and bring
positive changes towards socio-economic and political improvement and stability; I also
possess a practical background and over 15 years of professional experience working with
Humanitarian Aid Agencies operate in Somalia, including the UN, International NGOs and
Private Companies in Somalia,
SWS Somalia – Minister of Security
2019 – Up to date
 Ensure the management of the security sector in SWS is in line with democratic best practices and the
provision of security as the well-being of the public and safeguarding security policies and practices are
transparent and accountable
 Ensure that the legal framework for the activities of each security sector institution is comprehensive.
 Developing a legal framework for the various security forces in SWS jurisdiction, directorates and security
institutions need in line with good international practice and ensure consistency with the rule of law,
legislation needs to define the roles and responsibilities of each security institution clearly,
 Specify the authorization procedures for administrative and operational activities identify the
applicability of internal rules and procedures and ensure security institutions’ employees are
accountable for their actions before the law.
 Ensuring the sufficient provision of funds for security and positively impact the delivery of public security
by ensuring the effective management of funds for security requirements.
 Ensure that a variety of financial management and anti-corruption systems are in place to ensure
transparent and effective use of scarce financial resources.
 To formulate and track the policy of attention to the vulnerable populations for the enforcement of their rights,
with an integral, social and differential approach, together with the other competent organizations of the
 To promote and support the generation of infrastructure for security and citizen coexistence in the State
and throughout the country.
 To liaise, communicate, and coordinate the Executive and Legislative branches of government by
coordinating the design and implementation of efficient election tools and mechanisms aimed at
ensuring the normal development of State and Federal level election processes.
 Ensure the coordination of SWS security system in line with all other SWS commanders under the
State’s control respectively
 Analyzing security issues, assessing expected trends, prioritizing activities, and playing an advisory
role, making recommendations to SWS authorities for further discussion and development.
SWS Minister of Health 2015 -2018
 Health policy/plan formulation and legislation
 Regulatory functions, including quality assurance (setting of standards for personnel, infrastructure and
services for registration of both public and private health institutions operating in the State),
 Development and implementation of strategies for Health Sector Reform, including promotion of publicprivate partnership in health.
 Development of capacity for generation and utilization of evidence-based data and information for health
policy, strategy and plan development/implementation (Health Management Information System).
 Health labor development (medical, nursing and allied training institutions) and planning including
enhancement of human resource, administrative and financial management capacity of health and
health-related professionals.
Primary Health Care including
 Strengthening of capacity of local governments to manage health programs and plans
 Strengthening of programs and initiatives for monitoring/control/elimination/ eradication of specific
preventable diseases (malaria; tuberculosis; HIV/AIDS; Vaccine Preventable Diseases e.g. measles,
tetanus, poliomyelitis)
 Improvement of access to reproductive/sexual health services and information including Family Planning
 Encouragement and facilitation of ownership, responsibility and accountability of health programs, plans
and actions at the community level
Protective health and nutrition, including food control standards
 Supervision and control of all Health facilities in the State in order to ensure a minimum standard in all
public and private health facilities;
 Supervision and control of all Hospital Governing Boards and Government Health Bodies and Agencies;
 Approval of regulations and subsidiary legislation;
 Approval of long-term plans and variations of such plans;
 Development of management, financial guidelines and performance standards for internal control of
public hospitals;
 Developing performance standards for internal control of Public Hospitals;
 Liaise with the Federal Ministry of Health and other relevant stakeholders on policy formulation and
 Establish a forum for effective donor interaction and coordination.
Field Safety Associate UNDSS
2002 – 2015
 Assists CSA/DSA/FSCO in collecting, updating and communicating information regarding the security
situation in the country;
 Assists with data acquisition and manipulation for graphic report presentations;
 Assists in maintaining the Security Plan, including updating staff lists;
 Supports the CSA/DSA/FSCO with the assessment of Minimum Operational Security Standards (MOSS)
for the duty station;
 Assists in reporting security incidents affecting UN staff, offices and assets;
 Organizes and delivers training courses on security awareness and preparedness;
 Assists in ensuring residential (Minimum Operating Residential Security Standards – MORSS)and office
safety, and security preparedness;
 Provides general administrative assistance to the CSA/DSA/FSCO;
 Performs any other security-related tasks assigned by the CSA/DSA/FSCO.
Assists the CSA/SA/FSCO in collecting, updating and communicating information regarding the
security situation in the country:
 Liaises and coordinates, as appropriate, with the host government security organizations and/or
personnel, including national and local provincial authorities, military, and police officers, as well as nongovernmental organizations and other non-State actors in the area of operation;
 Helps to assess the security situation at the duty station and ensures adequate gathering and verification
of security information that may be required for a proper analysis of the situation by the CSA/DSA/FSCO;
 Communicates information on security to the heads of United Nations agencies and provides host
country security advice to UNDSS in the absence of the SA, as required;
 Maintains regular contacts with Security Focal Points of UN agencies;
 May be requested to provide technical assistance at SMT meetings, in the absence of the
 Maintains liaison with commercial companies used for UN security at offices and residences, in order to
ensure the effective and efficient use of the guard force.
Assists with data acquisition and manipulation for graphic report presentations:
 Maintain security related electronic databases and produce hard copy files on a regular basis when
Assists in maintaining the Security Plan, including updating staff lists:
 Helps in the preparation and review of the UN Security Plan;
 Supports actions during the implementation of the Security Plan, as required.
 Establishes and maintains warden system and keeps update of information related to UN offices and
 Act as the CSA’s liaison with the UN India family for the Warden System development and maintenance
and other GIS requirements.
Assists the CSA/DSA/FSCO in monitoring compliance with Minimum Operational Security Standards
(MOSS) established for the duty station.
 Assists with the compilation of data required for the MOSS Self-Assessment Programme;
 Conducts security evaluations and provides advice on security measures for the residences (Minimum
Operating Residential Security Standards – MORSS) of UN staff, as well as on latest trends and threats
to staff safety and security.
2012-Bachlor of Art: International Relations – University of Nairobi
1986-1990: Eleven January Secondary School certificate at Baidoa
1980 1985 Primary and Intermediate School in Berdaale District Bay
English and Somali


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